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Overview of the ancestors of Owen and Annie in South Africa


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Owen and Annie Martin


Fourth generation Martins

Annexure A

Billy Martin’s narrative about the Martin Family History

Billy Martin {1908-1989, ± 81 yr.)

Annexure B

Reflections on a Life in Scottburgh and “Surfer’s Paradise”, and other verse

0. W. A. (Billy) Martin (1908-1989, ± 81 yr.)-1989

Annexure C

Diaries of the Jesuit Missionaries at Bulawayo, 1879-1881

The Rhodesiana Society- Publication No. 4

Annexure D

Pioneers of Rhodesia II

EC Tabler

Annexure E

In Flight Refueling Drama at Waterkloof Airforce Base

WOl J. J. Martin {1941-2017, ± 75 yr.)

Annexure F

Photograph Album

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Persoon en leeftyd Hoofstuk