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John and Sarah Montgomery (née van Zyl)

Annexure A

John Montgomery, Voortrekkersmous en Boerevriend

G. H. van Rooyen -< 1981 “Tydskrif vir Volkskunde en Volkstaal”.

Annexure B

Prefatory Note (on the ancestry of the Montgomeries.)

C. J. Uys and G. H. van Rooyen – 1943

Annexure C

Why Mr. J. Montgomery ‘Threw up the touw’

John Montgomery (1803 – 1878, ± 74½ yr.) – 1870
Open letter to the Editor of “The Friend”, Bloemfontein.

Annexure D

Obituary: Mrs. John Montgomery

“The Friend”. 21 February 1868, Bloemfontein.

Annexure E

Estate of Susannah Jacoba van Zijl

Estate no. Z/17.
Master’s Office, Bloemfontein.

Annexure F

Geslagt Register van Jan Benjamin van Zijl

Compiled by Jan van Zijl (1780 – 1835, ± 56 yr.)
Transcription of family register from handwritten document.

Annexure G

In Memoriam: John Montgomery

“The Friend”. 27 June 1878, Bloemfontein.

Annexure H

Letter of condolence from President Brand to Thomas Montgomery

Pres. J. J. Brand – 27 June 1878, Bloemfontein.
Transcription of handwritten letter on mourning paper.

Annexure I

Louis Vorster’s narrative about his Montgomery family.

Louis Vorster – 1943
Transcription of handwritten document.

Annexure J

John Poultney’s recollections on his grandfather, John Montgomery

John Poultney – 1943 , Johannesburg.
Transcription of handwritten document.

Annexure K

Family register of John William and Nancy Rachel Elsie Poultney (nee Montgomery)

Annexure L

Autobiography of Thomas Adriaan Montgomery

Thomas Montgomery {1833 – 1901, ± 67½ yr.) – 1883 .
Handwritten document and transcription.

Annexure M

Thomas Montgomery’s narrative about his Montgomery family

Thomas Montgomery {1833 -1901, ± 67½ yr.) 1891, Witzieshoek.
Transcription of handwritten document.

Annexure N

John and Mary Montgomery (née Park)

Compiled by Anna Martin – 2008

Annexure O

Photograph Album

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